1. Tanya says

    I saw in a post that Target has i-pod’s (small one) for $45. If he/she does not have one, all the kids seem to like them.

  2. Judy Dean-Cunningham says

    All of my young peeps love gift cards.
    Wrap them in beautiful boxes and decorate as usual. you may also want to add something for weight (candy bar or a book) just to throw them off and you still get to have some fun!

  3. Kelli says

    Shirts from Aeropostale…Seems like every teenager loves that store and you can get some incredible deals. Tshirts for around $8 and sweatshirts for around $15!

  4. Karen says

    This is a hard age group to buy for. Try an iTunes giftcard, Cool Winter hat from his favorite store(like Hot Topic or Rue21), nice Thinsulate gloves from a store like Kohls, a homemade scarf, warm wool socks, a nice leather wallet. I usually try to get accessories that the teens want for their expensive hobbies: Headlight or lock for biking, new weights or stainless waterbottle for weightlifting, protective case or car charger for cell phone. If he gives you hints, you can usually find well-priced deals on Amazon–and if you sign up, you can get free shipping as an AmazonMom! Good luck!

  5. Lora says

    Last year we noticed some restaurants offering a free gift card in a small amount (maybe $10) with the purchase of a $50 gift card. Since we were there to eat out with our family of 4, generally to celebrate birthdays…lots of Nov & Dec birthdays in our family…we knew we would likely spend close to $50 anyway. We bought the $50 gift card before we were seated at our table and got the free $10 to give as a gift to someone else. Our kids have also benefitted from the “change” left on the bigger gift cards. When we celebrated our anniversary our bill plus tip was $42 off a $50 card so our college kid now has $8 to blow/celebrate/take a break with at TGIFriday’s!

  6. Sharon says

    Target has iTunes gift cards on sale this week. A 4-pack of $15 each cards ($60 value) for $48. Also, if you buy $50 worth of gift cards at Borders, you get a coupon good for $10 off after the holidays. A few ways to stretch your dollar a little further.

  7. rebecca says

    Maybe he can start accumulating things to take off to college? Small things here and there add up, and then the bill to furnish an apartment or dorm won’t be as much…

  8. Brittany says

    If he is into video games and doesn’t have a console, there is a place called game exchange and even game stop who sell certified used consoles at discounted prices. Some places have the wii for $99, 360 for $140 and so on. They sell discounted games and accesories as well. Also, if they are into fashion, check out Platos Closet, they sell used as well as new clothing, shoes and acc.At really reasonable prices. Check Craigslist to see if anyone is selling one of te items on the list for a good price, or even place a want add in there. I’m in the same boat as you, exccept with my husband. He wants pricey things so I have to get creative, his birtday is the 30th.

  9. Bela Andre says

    I was also going to mention the itunes gift cards from Target. Also, if he does have a game console, Game Stop sells tons of used games for as low as half the original price. They come with a 30 day guarantee.

  10. Denise says

    my son is 16…and I am getting him things he can do with his friends (or by himself)…gift cards to fast food restaurants…gas cards…movie cards. I did get him a flat screen for his room ( and it was under 200 (shipping and tax included). I figure he can take it with him to college

  11. Myra says

    Another idea besides gift cards is Craigslist. I’ve purchased things from there that are brand new and giftable for a fraction of retail price. When searching Craigslist, type the item you are looking for and the words “new”,”brand new” things of that nature. It’s possible someone in your area got what your son wants as a gift and would rather have the cash so you can get a great deal! Otherwise, get all your gifts through ebates and atleast get a little bit of cash back!

  12. Michelle says

    The thing that’s really in right now that all the kids are dying for are rubber watches and walgreens carries them for only $15 and they actually look fairly expensive! Also, ipod gift cards, fast food gift cards (kids are naturally thrifty with their own stuff so theyd prefer the cheapy place with the same amt as an expensive one where theyll be able to get less). Platos Closet is great, Aeropostale is fabulous, local consignment shops, needs for his after school activities and school….

  13. Michele Ray says

    I have a 16 year old son. This year I bought him the book “Things Every Man Should Know”. How to Change a Tire, Tie a Tie, Survive 10 Minutes on the Dance Floor…..and lots of other stuff. I thought it would be a great book for a young man. Under $10 with shipping.

  14. Jessi Grace says

    Since he has given you a wish list, you could give him a gift card to go towards one of the items on the list. That way you help him afford something that he wants while letting him earn the rest.

  15. says

    If your sons/daughters are into playing guitar, here’s an environmentally-friendly and not-too-expensive idea: a pick punch. It’s a heavy-duty hole punch that is used to make guitar picks out of used-up GIFT CARDS. Your teens can offer to make picks for all their guitar-playing friends (“Bring me a gift card, I’ll make you a couple of guitar picks”) for fun or profit. My daughter wanted one because she is HEAVY into reuse/recycle, and heavy into guitar. Here’s the link (they are backordered but can ship by Christmas): You can tuck a couple of low-value gift cards (Starbucks, Target, whatever) into the box for them to SPEND FIRST and then make guitar picks out of.

  16. Kayla says

    Get him stuff for college–it’s not too exciting but it takes pressure off last minute move-in needs. Like a laundry basket, laundry soap, dryer sheets, rolls of quarters, bath towels and bed sheets, a new pair of shoes, etc. Cash is always nice too.

  17. Deanne says

    The last few years money has been really tight in our household and I ask my kids, whose Birthdays fall shotly after Christmas, what is the ONE gift you would like the most for Christmas, if that is out of reach, I explain they need to be a little more realistic and then I work to obtain that goal.( My kids are only 12 and 13 and they understand they can’t have everything but seem to be thrilled to get that ONE special gift and fill in the blanks with more needed things like clothes, shoes, etc.
    For a teen gas cards and such would be great. This year for my 13 year old son, I got a tool box and a screw driver, now every Christmas to follow he will get a new tool to put in there, so when he moves out on his own, he will have something to start out with!

  18. says

    That pick punch is cool!

    If your teen has an mp3 player, earbuds are always appreciated! I know that my 2 teens go through earbuds like crazy. The wires are so fragile and break easily. You can get pretty good ones on sale for $10 to $15.

  19. Kristin Pryor says

    I agree that gift cards for restaurants and gas are always appreciated. Groupon, LivingSocial and Half Off Depot are great resources for gift certificates for stores and activities for at least 1/2 off. My son is a hiker and a runner, so I also go to specialty stores for affordable “extras” to support his interests. I’ve gotten really good prices on these extras and on books about his interests on Amazon. Other family members will sometimes go in together and buy something a little pricier than any of them could spend individually. I’ve also found great deals on things he can use when he lives out on his own. He probably wouldn’t be excited over those things if that was all he got, but he loves them as part of the overall package! I’ve found great deals on eBay and Craigslist too, especially when I’m willing to buy a “gently used” item. I’ve taken pictures that are meaningful to him and matted and framed them myself, and he loves these more than I thought a guy would.

  20. Gael says

    I go to eBay for pricey things for my teens. I picked up a gently used 60 gb iPod for more than $100 less than it costs new. Last year I also got a deal on 2 Zunes.

    Shop the sales. Staples has run specials on headphones and earbuds for the last 2 weeks, and they have some other things like a space pen that aren’t expensive but make good gifts.

    Aero has great sales, as does Old Navy. Look for accessories and out-of-season clearance, too.

    I also pick up books at a large used book store, but there are bargains at the chain stores, too.

    If he has an iPod, what about a clock where the iPod can dock? Look for accessories for his electronics.

  21. Gael says

    One last thing – make a fleece blanket by sewing the sides together then making fringe at both ends and knotting it. I did a big one like this (Walmart solid fleece for $2.99/yd) for my husband to take to Afghanistan last year, and the kids all love it because it’s big and warm. If he has a favorite sports team, then do their colors. I did yellow and purple for MN Vikings. You can also take a tee shirt he’s outgrown but loves and make a throw pillow from it.

  22. Barb says

    Gas cards are great for that age – check your local auto store for practical but fun ideas such as car accessories, keychains, cool air fresheners, etc. Get a good deal on a gift card he would really like by using your discover card bonus points, you can trade your points for a card of a higher denomination if it’s to a particular store. If you can afford one big thing on his list get it & throw in a few of these small gift card items, along with books on his favorite hobby, the guitar pick punch was a great idea, a decorated box or jar of his favorite homemade treat (for his enjoyment only, no sharing!), fishing lures, etc. to wrap along with each gift card you are able to purchase to make it more fun. Make a piggy bank from a clear container, put in a handful of quarters or some change to get him started, and label it with something fun like College Laundry Fund, Rainy Day Fund, etc. I also liked the tool box idea. Perhaps you could make a homemade coupon booklet -would someone you know be willing to give a free oil-changing and/or tire changing lesson? or cooking lesson to better prepare him for being on his own? someone who knows a lot about, or is really good at, his favorite hobby who would spend some time sharing info?, etc. These things can be gifts that teach and last for a lifetime! Good Luck!

  23. Gramma Rocks says

    My grandson is 12 and has both electric and acoustic guitars. I asked him what he’d like and he wanted a new guitar strap and Star picks in “cool” colors. I bought him a plain brown leather strap from on Amazon, he wanted a plain one (for $8.95) and some picks in cool turquoise and green that look like abalone shell ~ they were $3.59 a dozen each. I got free shipping with Amazon Prime (sign up for free) and the strap just arrived today, Saturday morning ~ and I ordered it Thursday night around 8:30 p.m. : )

    Old Navy has been having cool sales on their fleece, and today is the last day to get their sweaters BOGO. Food gift cards also make excellent gifts for teens ~ In & Out, Starbucks, Taco Bell, even McDonald’s, etc. are always a good choices, along with Target, iTunes cards or Visa/Mastercard/Amex prepaid cards so they can choose their own goodies @ the after-Christmas sales!

    Hope this helps, have fun picking things out, Merry Christmas! :)

  24. Frugalmtnmama says

    Could you maybe go to the dollar tree and make him a guys basket. They have dark square baskets and you could put the following in depending on his likes, all from the Dollar tree. Head phones (ear buds), they have ipod and phone covers, mens body wash and spray, car stuff like armor all, spray scents, hang down guy themed air fresheners, key chain, and tools. You could maybe even add a $10 itunes card or taco bell. Fix it up to look really guyish. Just a thought. You could also try the thrift stores like Goodwill, salvation army and the union mission. They carry a lot of things new with tags. You may be surprised what you find.

  25. Lena says

    Books are ALWAYS a hit…stock them up on books and they will be happy campers…fill their stocking with samples of shampoo, toothpaste, etc… get them a makeup or dopp bag and razor + shaving cream…

  26. Jolette says

    I have 5 kids and at one time they were all teens at the same time! Yes I know I am crazy! I wanted to get them something that liked but was not to much money. I found yarn on sale and I had coupons and bought the yarn a little at a time and I made all of them a Afghan. They loved them and their boyfriends and husbands liked them so much I am working on getting more yarn to make them all one. Even my husband wants one.

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