Chili’s: FREE Meal for Veterans + Active Duty Military! {11/11}

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One Response to Chili’s: FREE Meal for Veterans + Active Duty Military! {11/11}

  1. Dana Tramm says:

    I went to Chili’s one year and expeienced the most expensive $25 dollar meal for “free”. Be sure you make sure they give you the list of meals that are free because they didn’t make it clear at ALL that there is ONLY a few meals that are considered free. The service was terrible and I was treated like I was causing a problem just by being there. The Chili’s that I was at was in Dayton, OH. Just be careful when you go to take advantage of this offer. They are actually trying to drum up business to cover the cost by not being clear about what meals are free. The meal was gross, and I wasn’t the only one who got charged and wasn’t treated fairly while I was there. I’d think twice about whether to go again or not.

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