National Parks Disabled Pass = FREE Admission for Disabled Citizens & Veterans!

Did you know that all U.S. Disabled Residents {including Disabled Veterans} can get FREE Admission to National Parks year round?

Go here for more information on the ‘Access Pass‘.

Thanks to frugal friend Kim for sharing!!

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5 Responses to National Parks Disabled Pass = FREE Admission for Disabled Citizens & Veterans!

  1. i printed out the mail in Application for the Disabled the top right hand corner it says OMB control 1024-0252 Expires 02/2014 is the Application still good if not how do i get a good Application

  2. robert farrell says:

    I am a 100% service connected disabled veteran and I want to apply for the national parks pass for disabled vets but it wont allow me to down load the form, can you tell me where to write or call? thank you

    • amanda says:

      My husband is also. Thank you for your service! We got a card when we went into a national park. It took about 3 minutes! Its good for all national parks!

      Hope that’s helpful!

  3. amanda says:

    Does anyone know if a 100% disabled veteran can also camp for free in National Parks? We live in WA and get free camping in state parks, can we also camp free in other state parks too?


  4. Jim Weathers says:

    I am a Veteran, and I have Documentation from the Social Security Dept that states I am “Disabled”. Will the U S parks honor Documentation from Social Security? I am also over 62 and eligible for a Senior Citizen pass if I had to.

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