My Frugal Adventure in Southern Arizona…

Our family loves frugal adventures and activities ~ hiking, biking, swimming, enjoying sunsets, etc.

In our ongoing quest to cut costs, we’ve truly learned to appreciate the little things!

To ring in the new year, we hopped {well, actually drove} down to Southern Arizona and following is what our frugal adventure included…

A hike through the mountains in the snow…

… and an unforgettable sunset…

What thrifty activities or frugal adventures have you enjoyed lately?

Playing in the snow? A family walk? Leave a comment and share ~ we’d all love to hear!

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  1. Troop 692 says

    My husband and I were going to take our family to the beach last weekend, but after going over the budget we discovered it would send us way over. So we tried out Letterboxing last weekend. You get a set of clues from their free website and go on kind of a treasure hunt to find a box with a special rubber stamp in it. In the process we discovered two beautiful parks in our area and learned a little history as well. Our kids thought it was lots of fun to hunt for buried treasure as well. Letterboxes are hidden all over the country – so you can pretty much find one wherever you are. (

  2. by Campbell Norwood says

    My husband and I love to explore local festivals, most which are free! Last year we went to a fantastic tulip festival, an historic 'railroad days' event, an antique car show, and a home show expo. We bring our own treats, so the only cost is gas — or bus fare, when we take public transportation.

  3. The Khan Family says

    We spent the holidays with family in Philadelphia. We visited the Liberty Bell which was free and educational.

  4. sodbusters says

    Here in CA, In China Lake area we are surrounded by mountians. Literally, you can spin in a circle and see mountians everywhere you go. Its fun to take a walk where you dont have to hold on to your childrens hand and let them chase lizards, find ants, and you can just enjoy the time not having to rush here and there, clean this and that. Its all good.

  5. Geezen803 says

    Not sure how frugal it is because of the overhead costs of boarding and feeding a horse, but when we actually go out and ride them it is a cheap activity, and it keeps us from going out and spending money elsewhere :)

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